Are we ready for when the SHTF?

Nope, so not ready for when it does. I am aware and read all the different sites on what I should be doing and need but man it is gonna cost dough, time and lots of energy. Physically I am really not ready. That is one way to get my arse skinny and in shape I guess.

Proverbial crap hits the oscillation!

Proverbial crap hits the oscillation!

My goal here is to make a list of all the important sites to follow in ONE place. So that when I do have that green paper I know exactly what it is I want to focus on getting and doing. I needed to do this years ago but as we all know life gets in the way. That is a very sad excuse because if/when it does happen it will be important to be as prepared as possible for continued life in that new direction.

My number one item and it is a biggy is an Earthship. Which I will touch on in a different post. Quickly, an earthship is a self-contained home. No need for electric, water or sewer. It is time for this world to take into consideration the toll we are putting on our resources (energy, food supply, etc) and in turn will help to prepare us for when the SHTF!

I am not sure from what aspect the sh*t is going to come from. Everyday there is a new natural disaster it seems but honestly, I think it will be in the form of our economy collapsing. So, are you ready?

Easier said than done!

Don’t over analyze or research it to death, just jump in! I have read that so many times and it truly sounds like awesome advice; for most people it probably is. I really want to start my own business. I know deep down that I am an entrepreneur. I know “deep down” that I have the skills and abilities to do anything I want. So then why can’t I just jump in. This is my take on it.

indecisiveMultipotentialites are not your common folk, especially ones that just might have a mental disorder. I am going to put myself out there and say I know, because I am one and kind of krazy. Having mental issues often times stops a person dead in their tracks. It doesn’t mean that they are lazy or stupid, just stuck. Mental disorders paralyzes them when faced with decisions, responsibility, options, etc. It’s not a cop-out but fact and add to that being a Multipotentialite just seems to double the impact.

Emilie Wapnick from Puttylike has a great blog on being a Multipotentialite. She explains it very well and how to live as a Multipotentialite. Get her free eBook, The ‘Undeclared for Life’ Manifesto, to see if you just might be one of us.

Back to the point here. I am not sure if being this type of person has increased the “mental muck” as I call it or not but it sure doesn’t help. If I knew what it was I wanted to do (that ONE thing) then maybe I could just jump in and quit over analyzing everything but…not the case. So the Krazy Furlady and her “indecisiveness” will probably start a business that looks like kobble-de-gook. OK, maybe not kobble-de-gook but there will be many aspects. I like diversification and need it to keep me somewhat sane but on the same hand that same diversification can be extremely overwhelming. Sigh…time to jump in.