Krazy Furlady
Planet Earth

Bio: Man I really hate this section. About Me...what about me? Does anyone really care or even read this part? What does one say about self. Self...I say self. I mean really, does it matter if I am single, married or divorced (and happily so). I like life my way and that normally doesn't fall in line with a man's way of living. That is just as much for their benefit as it is mine. 🙂 That most of the time I prefer the company of my fur babies, 2 of the little sweeties and 2 grand fur babies. Yup, I also got them two legged kid types. Three of them; that gave me gray hair and add to that three grand kids that are making it worse. I will have to buy stock in hair dye but I wouldn't want it any other way. Should I really tell anyone that I am a Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None (with a useless degree in Information Technology-the diversified kind) and that is one of the things that led me to being krazy. I just might have a dream of running my own business doing all kinds of stuff because I get krazy bored with just one thing. Said business might include crafts, instructional materials, technical writing, building websites, sewing, scrap-booking, possibly even writing an eBook. People like that are called wishy-washy...oops I mean multipotentialites or scanners. Yikes! With all that wish-wash it sure makes it hard to decide on a career that does not drive a person even krazier. I might even have a few hobbies; a little bit of that dreaded Facebook, movies, reading (particularly self-help and those oh I wish my romances were like those type books - bring on the lairds and pirates). Currently I have found a passion for politics, conspiracy theories and vandwelling. Of course by my blog name a person might assume that I am krazy (ding ding ding) and might either be very hairy or love animals, dogs in particular, should I clarify. Nawwww

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